amuni panca sthanani
hy adharma-prabhavah kalih
auttareyena dattani
nyavasat tan-nidesa-krt
amuni—all those; panca—five; sthanani—places; hi—certainly; adharma—irreligious principles; prabhavah—encouraging; kalih—the age of Kali; auttareyena—by the son of Uttara; dattani—delivered; nyavasat—dwelt; tat—by him; nidesa-krt—directed.
Thus the personality of Kali, by the directions of Maharaja Pariksit, the son of Uttara, was allowed to live in those five places.
Thus the age of Kali began with gold standardization, and therefore falsity, intoxication, animal slaughter and prostitution are rampant all over the world, and the saner section is eager to drive out corruption. The counteracting process is suggested above, and everyone can take advantage of this suggestion.

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