papraccha ratham arudhah
megha-gambhiraya vaca
papraccha—inquired; ratham—chariot; arudhah—seated on; kartasvara—gold; paricchadam—embossed with; megha—cloud; gambhiraya—exonerating; vaca—sound; samaropita—well equipped; karmukah—arrows and bow.
Maharaja Pariksit, well equipped with arrows and bow and seated on a gold-embossed chariot, spoke to him [the sudra] with a deep voice sounding like thunder.
An administrative head or king like Maharaja Pariksit, with full majestic authority, well equipped with weapons to chastise miscreants, can challenge the agents of the age of Kali. Then only will it be possible to counteract the degraded age. And in the absence of such strong executive heads, there is always disruption of tranquillity. The elected show bottle executive head, as representative of a degraded public, cannot be equal with a strong king like Maharaja Pariksit. The dress or style of royal order does not count. It is one's actions which are counted.

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