iyam ca bhumir bhagavata
nyasitoru-bhara sati
srimadbhis tat-pada-nyasaih
sarvatah krta-kautuka
iyam—this; ca—and; bhumih—surface of the earth; bhagavata—by the Personality of Godhead; nyasita—being performed personally as well as by others; uru—great; bhara—burden; sati—being so done; srimadbhih—by the all-auspicious; tat—that; pada-nyasaih—footprints; sarvatah—all around; krta—done; kautuka—good fortune.
The burden of the earth was certainly diminished by the Personality of Godhead and by others as well. When He was present as an incarnation, all good was performed because of His auspicious footprints.

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