akhyahi vrsa bhadram vah
sadhunam akrtagasam
parthanam kirti-dusanam
akhyahijust let me know; vrsaO bull; bhadramgood; vahfor you; sadhunamof the honest; akrta-agasamof those who are offenseless; atma-vairupyadeformation of the self; kartaramthe doer; parthanamof the sons of Prtha; kirti-dusanamblackmailing the reputation.
O bull, you are offenseless and thoroughly honest; therefore I wish all good to you. Please tell me of the perpetrator of these mutilations, which blackmail the reputation of the sons of Prtha.
The reputation of the reign of Maharaja Ramacandra and that of the kings who followed in the footsteps of Maharaja Ramacandra, like the Pandavas and their descendants, are never to be forgotten because in their kingdom offenseless and honest living beings were never in trouble. The bull and the cow are the symbols of the most offenseless living beings because even the stool and urine of these animals are utilized to benefit human society. The descendants of the sons of Prtha, like Maharaja Pariksit, were afraid of losing their reputations, but in the modern days the leaders are not even afraid of killing such offenseless animals. Herein lies the difference between the reign of those pious kings and the modern states ruled by irresponsible executive heads without knowledge of the codes of God.

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