na kascin mriyate tavad
yavad asta ihantakah
etad-artham hi bhagavan
ahutah paramarsibhih
aho nr-loke piyeta
hari-lilamrtam vacah
nanot; kascitanyone; mriyatewill die; tavatso long; yavatas long as; asteis present; ihaherein; antakahone who causes the end of life; etatthis; arthamreason; hicertainly; bhagavanthe representative of the Lord; ahutahinvited; parama-rsibhihby the great sages; ahoalas; nr-lokein human society; piyetalet them drink; hari-lilatranscendental pastimes of the Lord; amrtamnectar for eternal life; vacahnarrations.
As long as Yamaraja, who causes everyone's death, is present here, no one shall meet with death. The great sages have invited the controller of death, Yamaraja, who is the representative of the Lord. Living beings who are under his grip should take advantage by hearing the deathless nectar in the form of this narration of the transcendental pastimes of the Lord.
Every human being dislikes meeting death, but he does not know how to get rid of death. The surest remedy for avoiding death is to accustom oneself to hearing the nectarean pastimes of the Lord as they are systematically narrated in the text of Srimad-Bhagavatam. It is advised herein, therefore, that any human being who desires freedom from death should take to this course of life as recommended by the rsis headed by Saunaka.

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