cira-vasa niraharo
baddha-van mukta-murdhajah
darsayann atmano rupam
anaveksamano niragad
asrnvan badhiro yatha
cira-vasahaccepted torn clothing; niraharahgave up all solid foodstuff; baddha-vakstopped talking; mukta-murdhajahuntied his hair; darsayanbegan to show; atmanahof himself; rupambodily features; jadainert; unmattamad; pisaca-vatjust like an urchin; anaveksamanahwithout waiting for; niragatwas situated; asrnvanwithout hearing; badhirahjust like a deaf man; yathaas if.
After that, Maharaja Yudhisthira dressed himself in torn clothing, gave up eating all solid foods, voluntarily became dumb and let his hair hang loose. All this combined to make him look like an urchin or madman with no occupation. He did not depend on his brothers for anything. And, just like a deaf man, he heard nothing.
Thus being freed from all external affairs, he had nothing to do with imperial life or family prestige, and for all practical purposes he posed himself exactly like an inert mad urchin and did not speak of material affairs. He had no dependence on his brothers, who had all along been helping him. This stage of complete independence from everything is also called the purified stage of fearlessness.

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