sva-rat pautram vinayinam
atmanah susamam gunaih
toya-nivyah patim bhumer
abhyasincad gajahvaye
sva-ratthe emperor; pautramunto the grandson; vinayinamproperly trained; atmanahhis own self; su-samamequal in all respects; gunaihby the qualities; toya-nivyahbordered by the seas; patimmaster; bhumehof the land; abhyasincatenthroned; gajahvayein the capital of Hastinapura.
Thereafter, in the capital of Hastinapura, he enthroned his grandson, who was trained and equally qualified, as the emperor and master of all land bordered by the seas.
The total land on the earth bordered by the seas was under the subjugation of the King of Hastinapura. Maharaja Yudhisthira trained his grandson, Maharaja Pariksit, who was equally qualified, in state administration in terms of the king's obligation to the citizens. Thus Pariksit was enthroned on the seat of Maharaja Yudhisthira prior to his departure back to Godhead. Concerning Maharaja Pariksit, the specific word used, vinayinam, is significant. Why was the King of Hastinapura, at least till the time of Maharaja Pariksit, accepted as the Emperor of the world? The only reason is that the people of the world were happy because of the good administration of the Emperor. The happiness of the citizens was due to the ample production of natural produce such as grains, fruits, milk, herbs, valuable stones, minerals and everything that the people needed. They were even free from all bodily miseries, anxieties of mind, and disturbances caused by natural phenomena and other living beings. Because everyone was happy in all respects, there was no resentment, although there were sometimes battles between the state kings for political reasons and supremacy. Everyone was trained to attain the highest goal of life, and therefore the people were also enlightened enough not to quarrel over trivialities. The influence of the age of Kali gradually infiltrated the good qualities of both the kings and the citizens, and therefore a tense situation developed between the ruler and the ruled, but still even in this age of disparity between the ruler and the ruled, there can be spiritual emolument and God consciousness. That is a special prerogative.

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