TEXTS 22-23
rajams tvayanuprstanam
suhrdam nah suhrt-pure
nighnatam mustibhir mithah
varunim madiram pitva
ajanatam ivanyonyam
rajan—O King; tvaya—by you; anuprstanam—as you inquired; suhrdam—of friends and relatives; nah—our; suhrt-pure—in the city of Dvaraka; vipra—the brahmanas; sapa—by the curse of; vimudhanam—of the befooled; nighnatam—of the killed; mustibhih—with bunches of sticks; mithah—among themselves; varunim—fermented rice; madiram—wine; pitva—having drunk; madonmathita—being intoxicated; cetasam—of that mental situation; ajanatam—of the unrecognized; iva—like; anyonyam—one another; catuh—four; panca—five; avasesitah—now remaining.
O King, since you have asked me about our friends and relatives in the city of Dvaraka, I will inform you that all of them were cursed by the brahmanas, and as a result they all became intoxicated with wine made of putrefied rice and fought among themselves with sticks, not even recognizing one another. Now all but four or five of them are dead and gone.

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