kaccit tvam brahmanam balam
gam vrddham roginam striyam
saranopasrtam sattvam
natyaksih sarana-pradah
kaccit—whether; tvam—yourself; brahmanam—the brahmanas; balam—the child; gam—the cow; vrddham—old; roginam—the diseased; striyam—the woman; sarana-upasrtam—having approached for protection; sattvam—any living being; na—whether; atyaksih—not given shelter; sarana-pradah—deserving protection.
You are always the protector of the deserving living beings, such as brahmanas, children, cows, women and the diseased. Could you not give them protection when they approached you for shelter?
The brahmanas, who are always engaged in researching knowledge for the society's welfare work, both materially and spiritually, deserve the protection of the king in all respects. Similarly, the children of the state, the cow, the diseased person, the woman and the old man specifically require the protection of the state or a ksatriya king. If such living beings do not get protection by the ksatriya, or the royal order, or by the state, it is certainly shameful for the ksatriya or the state. If such things had actually happened to Arjuna, Maharaja Yudhisthira was anxious to know about these discrepancies.

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