sa va adyatanad rajan
paratah pancame 'hani
kalevaram hasyati svam
tac ca bhasmi-bhavisyati
sahhe; vain all probability; adyatoday; tanatfrom; rajanO King; paratahahead; pancameon the fifth; ahaniday; kalevarambody; hasyatishall quit; svamhis own; tatthat; caalso; bhasmiashes; bhavisyatiwill turn into.

Finally Dhrtarastra burned his own body to ashes by self-made mystic fire. After observing her husband burn in the fire along with his thatched cottage, his chaste wife, Gandhari, entered the fire with rapt attention.

O King, he will quit his body, most probably on the fifth day from today. And his body will turn to ashes.
Narada Muni's prophecy prohibited Yudhisthira Maharaja from going to the place where his uncle was staying because even after quitting the body by his own mystic power, Dhrtarastra would not be in need of any funeral ceremony; Narada Muni indicated that his body by itself would burn to ashes. The perfection of the yoga system is attained by such mystic power. The yogi is able to quit his body by his own choice of time and can attain any planet he desires by turning the present body into ashes by self-made fire.

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