dhrtarastrah saha bhratra
gandharya ca sva-bharyaya
daksinena himavata
rsinam asramam gatah
dhrtarastrahDhrtarastra; sahaalong with; bhratrahis brother Vidura; gandharyaGandhari also; caand; sva-bharyayahis own wife; daksinenaby the southern side; himavatahof the Himalaya Mountains; rsinamof the rsis; asramamin shelter; gatahhe has gone.
O King, your uncle Dhrtarastra, his brother Vidura and his wife Gandhari have gone to the southern side of the Himalaya Mountains, where there are shelters of the great sages.
To pacify the mourning Maharaja Yudhisthira, Narada first of all spoke from the philosophical point of view, and then he began to describe the future movements of his uncle, which he could see by his foreseeing powers, and thus began to describe as follows.

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