TEXTS 9-10
subhadra draupadi kunti
virata-tanaya tatha
gandhari dhrtarastras ca
yuyutsur gautamo yamau
vrkodaras ca dhaumyas ca
striyo matsya-sutadayah
na sehire vimuhyanto
viraham sarnga-dhanvanah
subhadra—the sister of Krsna; draupadi—the wife of the Pandavas; kunti—the mother of the Pandavas; virata-tanaya—the daughter of Virata (Uttara); tatha—also; gandhari—the mother of Duryodhana; dhrtarastrah—the father of Duryodhana; ca—and; yuyutsuh—the son of Dhrtarastra by his vaisya wife; gautamah—Krpacarya; yamau—the twin brothers Nakula and Sahadeva; vrkodarahBhima; ca—and; dhaumyahDhaumya; ca—and; striyah—also other ladies of the palace; matsya-suta-adayah—the daughter of a fisherman (Satyavati, Bhisma's stepmother); na—could not; sehire—tolerate; vimuhyantah—almost fainting; viraham—separation; sarnga-dhanvanah—of Sri Krsna, who bears a conch in His hand.
At that time Subhadra, Draupadi, Kunti, Uttara, Gandhari, Dhrtarastra, Yuyutsu, Krpacarya, Nakula, Sahadeva, Bhimasena, Dhaumya and Satyavati all nearly fainted because it was impossible for them to bear separation from Lord Krsna.
Lord Sri Krsna is so attractive for the living beings, especially for the devotees, that it is impossible for them to tolerate separation. The conditioned soul under the spell of illusory energy forgets the Lord, otherwise he cannot. The feeling of such separation cannot be described, but it can simply be imagined by devotees only. After His separation from Vrndavana and the innocent rural cowherd boys, girls, ladies and others, they all felt shock throughout their lives, and the separation of Radharani, the most beloved cowherd girl, is beyond expression. Once they met at Kuruksetra during a solar eclipse, and the feeling which was expressed by them is heartrending. There is, of course, a difference in the qualities of the transcendental devotees of the Lord, but none of them who have ever contacted the Lord by direct communion or otherwise can leave Him for a moment. That is the attitude of the pure devotee.

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