mṛdaṅga-śaṅkha-bheryaś ca
nedur dundubhayas tathā
mṛdaṅga—sweet sounding drum; śaṅkha—conchshell; bheryaḥ—brass band; ca—and; vīṇā—string band; paṇava—a kind of flute; gomukhāḥ—another flute; dhundhurī—another drum; ānaka—kettle; ghaṇṭā—bell; ādyāḥ—others; neduḥ—sounded; dundubhayaḥ—other different types of drums; tathā—at that time.
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When Lord Krsna was departing from the palace in Hastinapura, to honor Him the residents played various types of drums as well as flutes, vinas and other instruments. Out of a loving desire to see the Lord, the royal ladies of the Kurus got up on the top of the palace, and, smiling with affection and shyness, they showered flowers upon Him.

While the Lord was departing from the palace of Hastināpura, different types of drums -like the mṛdaṅga, dhola, nagra, dhundhurī and dundubhi-and flutes of different types, the vīṇā, gomukha and bherī, all sounded together to show Him honor.

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