sarve te 'nimisair aksais
tam anu druta-cetasah
viksantah sneha-sambaddha
vicelus tatra tatra ha
sarveall; tethey; animisaihwithout twinkling of the eyes; aksaihby the eye; tam anuafter Him; druta-cetasahmelted heart; viksantahlooking upon Him; sneha-sambaddhahbound by pure affection; viceluhbegan to move; tatra tatrahere and there; haso they did.
All their hearts were melting for Him on the pot of attraction. They looked at Him without blinking their eyes, and they moved hither and thither in perplexity.
Krsna is naturally attractive for all living beings because He is the chief eternal amongst all eternals. He alone is the maintainer of the many eternals. This is stated in the Katha Upanisad, and thus one can obtain permanent peace and prosperity by revival of one's eternal relation with Him, now forgotten under the spell of maya, the illusory energy of the Lord. Once this relation is slightly revived, the conditioned soul at once becomes freed from the illusion of material energy and becomes mad after the association of the Lord. This association is made possible not only by personal contact with the Lord, but also by association with His name, fame, form and quality. Srimad-Bhagavatam trains the conditioned soul to this stage of perfection by submissive hearing from the pure devotee.

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