In the Tenth Canto, 7th Chapter, 22nd verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam there is a description of Krsna's being taken away by the whirlwind demon Trnavarta. As Krsna was being thus carried up into the sky, all the gopis began to cry aloud. They approached Mother Yasoda, stating that they could not find the son of Nanda. He had been taken away by a whirlwind. This is an instance of lamentation in ecstatic love.
When Krsna was fighting with Kaliya, Mother Yasoda exclaimed, "Krsna is now entrapped within the hoods of the Kaliya snake, and yet I am not tattered to pieces! So I must admit how wonderful is the preserving power of this material body!" This is another instance of lamentation in ecstatic love.

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