In the Tenth Canto, 52nd Chapter, 33rd verse of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Rukmini addresses a letter to Krsna as follows: "My dear unconquerable Krsna, my marriage day is fixed for tomorrow. I request that You come to the city of Vidarbha without advertising Yourself. Then have Your soldiers and commanders suddenly surround and defeat all the strength of the King of Magadha and by thus adopting the methods of the demons, please kidnap and marry me."
According to the Vedic system there are eight kinds of marriages, out of which one is called raksasa-vivaha. Raksasa-vivaha refers to kidnapping a girl and marrying her by force and is considered to be a demonic method. When Rukmini was going to be married to Sisupala by the choice of her elder brother, she wrote the above letter to Krsna requesting Him to kidnap her. This is an instance of impudence in ecstatic love for Krsna.
One of the gopis said, "May Krsna's sweet flute be washed away by the waves of the Yamuna, and let it fall into the ocean! The sweet sound of that flute is so impudent that it makes us lose all composure before our superiors."

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