When Krsna was absent from Vrndavana and was staying at Mathura, some of His friends informed Him, "Dear Krsna, because of their separation from You, the inhabitants of Braja are so afflicted that they appear to be diseased. Their bodies are feverish, and they cannot move properly. They are simply lying down on the ground and breathing heavily."
In the Tenth Canto, 12th Chapter, 41st verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Maharaj Pariksit asked about Lord Ananta, and upon hearing this question, Sukadeva Gosvami began to show symptoms of collapsing. Yet he checked himself and answered King Pariksit's question in a mild voice. This collapsing condition is described as a feverish state resulting from ecstatic pleasure.
There is another statement in the Srimad-Bhagavatam telling of the damsels of Braja meeting Krsna at the sacred place of Kuruksetra, many years after their childhood pastimes. When they met in that sacred place, all the gopis became stunned by the occurrence of a solar eclipse. Their breathing, blinking of the eyes and all similar activities stopped, and they stood before Krsna just like statues. This is another instance of a diseased condition resulting from exuberant transcendental pleasure.

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