When one is forced to act in a way which is forbidden, or to refrain from acting in a way which is proper, he becomes regretful and thinks himself dishonored. At that time there is a sense of disappointment. In this kind of disappointment one becomes full of anxiety, sheds tears, changes bodily color, feels humility and breathes heavily.
When Krsna, in punishing the Kaliya serpent, appeared to have drowned Himself in the poisonous water of the Yamuna, Nanda Maharaj addressed Yasoda-devi thusly: "My dear wife, Krsna has gone deep into the water, and so there is no longer any need to maintain our bodies, which are so full of sinful activities! Let us also enter into the poisonous water of the Yamuna and compensate for the sinful activities of our lives!" This is an instance of severe shock, where the devotee becomes greatly disappointed.
When Krsna left Vrndavana, Subala, His intimate friend, decided to leave also. While leaving, Subala was contemplating that without Krsna there was no longer any pleasure to be found in Vrndavana. The analogy is given that, as the bees go away from a flower that has no honey, so Subala left Vrndavana when he found there was no longer any relishable transcendental pleasure there.
In Dana-keli-kaumudi Srimati Radharani addresses one of Her friends in this manner: "My dear friend, if I cannot hear of the glorious activities of Krsna, it is better for Me to become deaf. And because I am now unable to see Him, it would be good for Me to be a blind woman." This is another instance of disappointment due to separation from Krsna.
There is a statement in the Hari-vamsa wherein Satyabhama, one of the queens of Krsna in Dvaraka, tells her husband: "My dear Krsna, since I heard Narada glorifying Rukmini before You, I can understand that there is no need of any talking about myself!" This is an instance of disappointment caused by envy. Rukmini and Satyabhama were co-wives, and because Krsna was husband of both, there naturally was some feminine envy between them. So when Satyabhama heard the glories of Rukmini, she was envious of her and thus became disappointed.
In the Tenth Canto, 51st Chapter, 29th verse of Srimad-Bhagavatam there is this statement: "My dear Krsna, I cannot say that it is only other people who are implicated in material existence, because I too am much entangled with the bodily concept of life. I am always too anxious about my family, home, wife, wealth, land and kingdom. And because I have been so maddened by this material atmosphere, I am thinking now that my life has been simply spoiled." This statement is an instance of disappointment caused by lamentation.
According to Bharata Muni, this disappointment is inauspicious. But there are other learned scholars who have accepted such disappointment as being in the mood of neutrality and as being a preservative fpr ecstatic love.

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