When a person becomes disturbed in his heart by seeing lightning in the sky, by seeing a ferocious animal, or by hearing a tumultuous sound, his state of mind is called apprehensive. In such a state of apprehension, one tries to take shelter of something which provides safety. There may be standing of the hairs on the body, trembling of the body and sometimes the committing of mistakes. And sometimes the body may become stunned.
In the Padyavali there is the following statement: "My dear friend, Krsna's residence in the demonic circle at Mathura, under the supremacy of the King of demons, Kamsa, is causing me much worry." This is one instance of apprehending some danger to Krsna in ecstatic love for Him.
When Vrsasura appeared in Vrndavana as a bull, all of the gopis became greatly affected with fear. Being perturbed in that way, they began to embrace the tamala trees. This is an instance of fearfulness caused by a ferocious animal and of the search for shelter while remembering Krsna in ecstatic love. Upon hearing the jackals crying in the forest of Vrndavana, Mother Yasoda sometimes became very careful about keeping Krsna under her vigilance, fearing that Krsna might be attacked by them. This is an instance of ecstatic love for Krsna in fearfulness caused by a tumultuous sound. This kind of fearfulness is a little different from being actually afraid. When one is afraid of something, he can still think of past and future. But when there is this kind of ecstatic apprehension, there is no scope for such thinking.

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