Out of jubilation, anger or separation there may be the pouring down of tears from the eyes. When such tears are very cold they are due to jubilation, and when they are due to anger the tears become hot. In all cases there is a severe movement of the eyes, and the eyes generally become reddish. There is also an itching sensation which causes the sufferer to rub his eyes.
When the lotus-eyed Rukmini, the first queen of Krsna in Dvaraka, was shedding tears out of ecstatic jubilation, she did not like the tears. There is a passage in the Hari-vamsa wherein Satyabhama begins to shed tears because of her great affection for Krsna.
An example of shedding tears because of anger was exhibited by Bhima when he saw that Sisupala was insulting Krsna in the raja-suya arena of sacrifice. Bhima wanted to kill Sisupala immediately, but because Krsna did not order him to do so, he became morose with anger. It is described that there were hot tears covering his eyes, as a thin cloud sometimes covers the evening moon. In the evening, when the moon is slightly covered by a thin cloud, it looks very nice, and when Bhima was shedding tears on account of his anger, he also looked very nice.
In the Tenth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Chapter 68, verse 23, there is a nice example of Rukmini's shedding tears of lamentation. When Krsna and Rukmini were talking, Rukmini became frightened of separation from Krsna, and therefore she began scratching the earth with her red, lotus-like nails. Because she was shedding tears, the black ointment from her eyes was dripping, along with the tears, onto her breasts, which were covered with kunkum powder. Rukmini was so aggrieved that her voice was choked up.

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