When Krsna was going to Mathura on the chariot driven by Akrura, Yasoda and all the gopis came to try to forbid Him to pass and to block His way. At that time Radharani was so perturbed that in a faltering voice, She requested Mother Yasoda to please stop Akrura.
Faltering of the voice resulting from wonder was exhibited by Brahma. It is said in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Tenth Canto, 13th Chapter, 59th verse that, after bowing down before Lord Krsna, when Brahma began to rise he prayed to the Lord in a faltering voice.
In the Tenth Canto, 29th Chapter, 27th verse, another example of faltering of the voice was exhibited by the gopis when they came to Krsna, desiring to dance with Him. Krsna asked them to go back to their husbands and homes. The gopis apparently became very angry and began to talk to Krsna with faltering voices.
In the Tenth Canto, 39th Chapter, 48th verse, of Srimad-Bhagavatam a faltering voice due to jubilation was exhibited by Akrura when he was shown all of the Vaikuntha planets resting within the River Yamuna. When Akrura understood that Krsna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he bowed his head to Krsna's lotus feet and with folded hands began to pray in a faltering voice. There are also examples of faltering of the voice caused by fearfulness.
One of Krsna's friends praised Him thusly: "My dear friend, Your flute was given to Your servant, Patri, and when I asked him to return it he began speaking in a faltering voice, and his complexion became yellow."

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