As far as neglecting the presence of others is concerned, the wives of the brahmanas who were performing sacrifices at Vrndavana left home as soon as they heard that Krsna was nearby. They left their homes without caring for their learned husbands. The husbands began to discuss this amongst themselves: "How wonderful is the attraction for Krsna, that it has made these women leave us without any care!" This is the influence of Krsna. Anyone who becomes attracted to Krsna can be relieved from the bondage of birth and death, which can be compared to the locked-up homes that were neglected by the wives of the brahmanas.
In the Padyavali there is a statement by some devotees: "We shall not care for any outsiders. If they should deride us, we shall still not care for them. We shall simply enjoy the transcendental mellow of chanting Hare Krsna, and thus we shall roll on the ground and dance ecstatically. In this way we shall eternally enjoy transcendental bliss."

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