It is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam that when Akrura, who drove Krsna from Vrndavana to Mathura, saw the footprints of Krsna on the land of Vrndavana, his ecstatic love for Krsna increased so much that the hairs on his body stood up. His eyes became overflooded with tears, and in such ecstasy he jumped out of the chariot and fell down on the ground and began to chant, "How wonderful this is! How wonderful this is!"
Similar feelings were expressed by the gopis when they were going to the bank of the Yamuna and saw Krsna's footprints in the dust. When Krsna walked on the ground of Vrndavana, the marks of His sole (flag, thunderbolt, fish, a rod for controlling elephants and lotus flower) would be imprinted upon the dust of the land. The gopis became overwhelmed simply at seeing those marks on the ground.

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