Generally, there are four kinds of garments on the body of Krsna: His shirt, turban, belt and wearing garments. In Vrndavana, He used to put on reddish garments, with a golden shirt on His body and an orange colored turban on His head. The different kinds of belts, combined with His enchanting smile, used to always increase the transcendental bliss of His associates. This dress of Krsna is described as gorgeous. As a baby elephant is sometimes dressed in colorful clothing, so Krsna's gorgeousness was manifested by decoration with such colorful clothing on the different parts of His body.
Akalpa refers to the texture of Krsna's hair, His nicely dressed body anointed with sandalwood pulp and decorated with flower garlands, His tilaka and His chewing pan. Krsna was decorated constantly in this akalpa process. Krsna's hair was sometimes decorated with flowers placed on the middle of His head, or else reaching down to His back. In this way Krsna dressed His hair differently at different times. As for the ointment on His body, the pulp of sandalwood generally appeared to be white, and when it was mixed with saffron dye it appeared to be yellow.
Krsna used to put a vaijayanti garland around His neck. This vaijayanti garland is made of at least five differently colored flowers. The length of such a garland was always touching Krsna's knees or feet. Besides this garland of flowers, there were other kinds of flower garlands too-sometimes decorating His head, sometimes hanging around His neck and chest. Artistic painting with sandalwood pulp and colored sandalwood were also to be found on the body of Krsna.
One gopi addressed her friend and began to praise the bodily features of Krsna. She praised His blackish complexion, the reddish color of chewing pan enhancing His beauty hundreds of times, the curling hair on His head, the kunkum red spots on His body and the tilaka on His forehead.
His helmet, His earrings, His necklace, His four garments, the bangles on His head, the rings on His fingers, His ankle bells and His flute-these are the different features of Krsna's ornaments. Krsna, the enemy of Agha, always looked beautiful with His incomparable helmet, His earrings made of diamonds, His necklace of pearls, His bangles, embroidered garments and the beautiful rings on His fingers.
Krsna is sometimes called vanamali. Vana means forest, and mali means gardener, so vanamali refers to one who extensively uses flowers and garlands on different parts of His body. Krsna was dressed like this not only in Vrndavana but also on the battlefield of Kuruksetra. Seeing such colorful dress and the garlands of different flowers, some great sages prayed, "Lord Krsna was going to the battlefield of Kuruksetra not to fight, but to grace all of the devotees with His presence."

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