In the autumn there is a gulf of difference between the day and the night. During the day the extreme heat of the sun is unbearable, but at night the moonlight is extremely soothing and refreshing. Similarly, Lord Sri Krsna is soothing for both the gopis and the mundane man in illusion, who accepts the body as the soul.
As long as the living being, under illusion, accepts the body or the mind as the soul, he will always be unhappy, like a man in the burning heat of autumn. But when the same living being becomes a devotee of Lord Sri Krsna, the Personality of Godhead, he at once lives a soothing life, as if under the cooling rays of the moon in autumn. Lord Sri Krsna is so merciful that He descends to reclaim suffering humanity and preaches Bhagavad-gita with the intense desire that all living beings give up all of their engagements and take shelter of His lotus feet. This is the most confidential part of all revealed scripture.
The example of the damsels of Vrajabhumi Vrndavana (the gopis) is given here because these eternal consorts of the Lord terribly suffered the separation of Lord Krsna when the Lord was absent from their presence for His engagement in tending the cows in the forest. During the absence of Krsna, the entire day would appear to the gopis to be as unbearable as a hot day in autumn. The Lord so much appreciated this natural feeling of the gopis that He declared His inability to repay their intense love. Lord Caitanya recommended the feeling of the gopis as the highest mode of worship that can be rendered to the Lord. The conclusion is that the regular practice of bhakti-yoga will lead the devotee to the plane of intense love for the Lord, and that is the single qualification by which the conditioned soul is allowed to reenter the eternal life of bliss in the kingdom of God. The threefold miseries of material existence are at once nullified by intense love of God, which is the ultimate goal of cultivating the human spirit.

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