Letter to: M. L. Chand

17 August, 1970
Sri M. L. Chand
Dalmia Cement (B) Ltd.
4-D, Dalhousie Sq. East
Dear Sri Chand;
Please accept my greetings. Kindly refer to my letter dated 24th June, 1970.
I did not receive any reply from you, but on the contrary I have received a copy of letter addressed to the Chief Controller of Import and Export by the Sri Caitanya Research Institute in which it is said that this letter has got reference to my letter addressed to you.
I do not know how the matter has gone to Sri Caitanya Research Institute who has falsely declared that the Murtis were donated by them. Actually it is not the fact. Five pairs of Murtis were collected by Hit Sharanji, one pair donated by Dalmia Trust and four pairs donated by Birla Trust.
So I cannot understand why the Sri Caitanya Research Institute writes such letter declaring that the Murtis were donated by them. Will you kindly explain why it is so.
Yours sincerely,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
c.c. To J. Dalmia, 4, Scindia House, New Delhi-1 for necessary action.

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