Letter to: Bali-mardana

Los Angeles
March 26, 1970

My Dear Bali-mardana,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 21st March, 1970, and I am so pleased to learn that your University meeting was very successful. It is very engladdening to learn that hundreds were singing and dancing. A similar experience I had when we met in the Ohio State University along with Ginsberg. I think you have already read the news in our BTG. And similar experiences are being gathered by Kirtanananda Maharaja and Rupanuga Dasa Adhikari because they are now moving in different colleges and universities, and getting good response.
I take it for granted that you are one of the selected devotees of Lord Caitanya, and therefore from within your heart He has inspired you to go to such a distant place, leaving your parents and home, just to satisfy Krsna. This is a great transcendental adventure. Try your best, and I am sure you will be successful. Formerly your forefathers, many European and American gentlemen, were courageous to go outside their country for colonization, and Australia is vivid example of such adventures. Now, by the grace of Krsna, yourself and Upendra, the descendants of your adventurous forefathers, have gone there with a great mission, and try to execute it to your best capacity.
Krsna will certainly help you. The only thing we require for this purpose is to remain in our spiritual strength by chanting regularly and following the rules and regulations. I am sure you are already strict on this point, and still it is my duty to remind it for your steady strength.
Just try to convince the younger section about the importance of this movement and how this one single venture can solve all the problems of the world. Krsna Consciousness is not dry. It includes all the varieties of human cultivation of knowledge. We can give direction in politics, in sociology, in religion, in philosophy, in arts, in music, in aesthetics, and in what not? It is complete. Simply we have to administer this novel idea to the people in general very magnificently. The program is already there, and it is very simple. I wish that you establish at least ten centers in Australia or in the adjoining islands. That is my desire.
I shall always pray, as I am duty bound, for your long life and prosperity in Krsna Consciousness.
Gargamuni has informed me yesterday that he has not yet received the $1,100 sent by Upendra. You will be pleased to know that somehow or other today we have paid the $50,000 down payment for purchasing the church properties at $225,000. The pictures of the church are enclosed herewith. So gradually Krsna is giving us all kinds of possible facilities, and if we work sincerely, Krsna will supply all our needsthere is no doubt about it.
This is a good chance for sending some devotees from England. I have already written Mukunda, and I shall remind him at the next opportunity.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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