Letter to: Brahmananda

Los Angeles
2 November, 1968
My Dear Brahmananda,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your note of Oct. 28, 1968, along with a letter to you from Jaya Govinda. His letter appears not very clear and your remark on Acyutananda's attitude is also notable. You write to say "Rayarama will forward one letter from Parvat Maharaja etc.'' I have not received any letter from Rayarama. I think both Acyutananda and Jaya Govinda have been poisoned by this Parvat and thus it is useless to request them to work for the society. Neither they have shown any capability till now. Under the circumstances, I think there is no hope of getting any service from these boys regarding our mission.
I wrote one letter jointly addressed to Acyutananda and Jaya Govinda but they have not replied the same. I think as Bon Maharaja poisoned the mind of Hrsikesa, similarly these boys have been entrapped by Parvat. This Parvat is one of the disciples of my God-brother but he is so salient that he has not replied to my letters, but, instead of replying my letter, he has the impudency of writing to Rayarama. Rayarama may not reply this letter until I have seen it. He appears to be as venomous as Bon Maharaja. They are all envious of my activities here. As Jaya Govinda has not yet left for Bombay, there is no need of issuing indemnity letter in his favor. I do not understand why he has requested to address the indemnity letter to Parvat Maharaja. These are very doubtful things. I do not know how to deal with these boys. Both of them are silent about my letter of Oct. 13, 1968 which I wrote them about realizing the money from Hitsaran. I am really very sorry for them. I am enclosing the copy of the above mentioned letter.
Hope you are well; I received the Bhagavad-gita hardcover jacket.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
P.S. I have not heard anything from Purusottama about the church center. ACB

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