Letter to: Sri Balmukundji

Los Angeles
15 March, 1970

Dear Sri Balmukundji,
Please accept my blessings, and offer the same to your good wife. As advised by you, I have already written letters to the Murti makers as well as to Birlaji and Jaipuraji. Actually my mission is to establish hundreds and thousands of Temples like the one which I have established in London and other places. And I wish that every Indian who has a little love for Krishna may cooperate with me in this attempt.
Please try to understand this Krishna Consciousness movement as very, very great. The people are missing the pointlove of Krishna, and if somehow or other they can revive their lost consciousness and be fixed up in Krishna Consciousness, all questions and problems of the world will be solved very easily.
So I would again request you to take up the preaching work of this great movement. It does not matter whether you accept Sannyas order of life or not. You can preach this Krishna Consciousness movement even along with your good wife, and why not this procedure? My disciples are only children. If they can preach this Krishna Consciousness movement husband and wife together, without having any background of Vedic culture, why not an experienced gentleman like you with full knowledge of Vedic culture preach this movement? If you take up this work in right earnest, I am sure you will feel transcendental bliss.
I thank you for your assurance that you are coming here very soon, and I shall await your arrival with great interest. If possible, come along with your wife also.
Regarding Birlaji and Jaipuraji, I think if you also write to them, because you are personally known to them, it will be very nice, and induce them to supply these Murtis because that will be a great cooperation with our movement. Anyone who will cooperate with this movement will be transcendentally benefited. Please try to convince them of this point, and oblige.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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