Letter to: Satyabhama

Los Angeles
14 March, 1970

New Vrindaban
My Dear Satyabhama,
Please accept my blessings and offer the same to your good husband Paramananda. I am very glad to receive your letter dated 28 February, 1970, along with the first part of the condensed version of KRSNA book.
Regarding the organization of our theistic school at New Vrindaban, I am happy to know that you are now proceeding with regular classes. So it is better late than never, and now it will develop nicely. You are an educated and understanding devotee of Lord Krishna. Now Krishna will see your sincere cooperative efforts and He will provide all necessary facilities for continued growth of our educational center. I know the atmosphere in New Vrindaban is very, very nice, and the children will surely benefit greatly in their advancement of spiritual life. So please do it carefully, and I am certain that when we are fixed up there, many parents will like to send their children for education in our New Vrindaban school.
I am so glad to know that the boys are being taught 4 to 5 hours daily by the combined teaching of yourself and Devakinandana. Of course their spiritual progress is natural because of the good association of devotees and their good fortune to be in the service of the Deities. I am so much encouraged to learn how they are becoming purified and elevated in Krishna Consciousness, and are just like spiritual gopas. That is very nice. Mr. DDD and Ekendra also are very good boys, so see that they may be trained up well because they are our future Krishna Consciousness society.
I am very happy to learn that your son is growing strong and blissful. That is good news. And that your desire to raise many such souls in Krishna Consciousness is very nice proposal. We need as many Krishna Conscious men as possible, trained from the very beginning of their lives, to carry on our mission and purify the society.
Regarding the condensation of KRSNA book, I have read it and it is very nice. Try to work on it as time permits; and in the meantime, you can have some xerox copies made, then later on we shall find opportunity to print it.
You write to say that Paramananda is always thinking of me and he is working hard to develop New Vrindaban transcendental community. That is very good. I know Paramananda is a very good soul, and you together are good combination. So do everything enthusiastically to develop our New Vrindaban scheme and advance forward in Krishna Consciousness life.
I hope this will meet you all in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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