Letter to: Tamala Krsna

Los Angeles
4 March, 1970
My Dear Tamala,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 1 March, 1970.
I am glad that you have gone to Germany along with Hamsaduta and his wife, and I am so pleased to learn that things are being arranged nicelythat is my satisfaction.
Marriage or no marriage, that is not our problem. If we find it suitable that by marrying one will be able to serve better, than by not marrying, then one must marrythat is our principle. So as you are thinking that accepting Jyotirmayi as your wife you will be happy and your duties in Krsna consciousness will be enthused, then I have got all sanction, and you do it.
I know that all my spiritual children are doing very nicely as Grhasthas, and similarly I hope you shall be doing better after your marriage.
Organization of the European centers and the World Sankirtana Party later onfor these two reasons I called you in London. Now Mukunda, Hamsaduta, yourself, Krsna das, Umapati, Janardana, Suridas, etc., all of you are tested devotees, now do everything nicely in full cooperation. Always remain engaged in Krsna's service, then there will be no misunderstanding.
See that the French and German BTGs are nicely donethat is my ambition. Jaya Govinda must marry the girl Sadanandini. It is already advanced, and I do not think it can be changed now. So he can immediately call her from New York by sending her passage money to Hamburg. Then get them married immediately in your presence.
On the first of April we are going to our new church property which is being purchased at the cost of $225,000, payable in twelve years, and $50,000 down payment. Please keep me informed about your progressive march in Krsna Consciousness.
While you are in Germany, please see that Vasudeva is given all facilities for his painting work. He is a very good painter and very enthusiastic, so make arrangement that he can devote full time to his painting and may not feel any inconvenience in his work. He can begin immediately to paint pictures on the many different subjects as you know. I will write to him separately, in the meantime do the needful.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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