Letter to: Brahmananda , Gargamuni

Los Angeles
31 July, 1970

My Dear Brahmananda Maharaja and Gargamuni Maharaja,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your two nice letters along with xerox copy of press meeting. Satsvarupa has sent me the original signed copy and I have replied him separately.
In order to set example to my other Sannyasi students I am personally going to Japan with a party of three other Sannyasi students. Although it is beyond my physical condition, still I am going out so that you may learn the responsibility of Sannyasa.
Yesterday Karandhara presented me a check signed by you for $4,000 in my favor, but I have countersigned in favor of ISKCON L.A. as they have already purchased our worldwide tickets. I am starting next week sometimes. I have asked Tamala to come here and Hayagriva to come here. Rupanuga, Bhagavan das and Kirtanananda Maharaja are already here, so I am fervently appealing to you all not to create fracture in the solid body of the Society. Please work conjointly, without any personal ambition. That will help the cause.
It is the injunction of the Vedas that the Spiritual Master should not be treated as ordinary man even if sometimes the Spiritual Master behaves like ordinary man. It is the duty of the disciple to accept Him as Superhuman Man. In the beginning of your letter your comparison of the soldier and commander is very appropriate. We are on the battlefield of Kuruksetraone side Maya, the other side Krsna. So the regulative principles of a battlefield, namely to abide by the order of the commander, must be followed. Otherwise it is impossible to direct the fighting capacity of the soldiers and thus defeat the opposing elements. Kindly therefore take courage. You are capable in so many ways. Let things be rightly done so that our mission may be correctly pushed forward to come out victorious.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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