Letter to: Jayapataka

Los Angeles
10 July, 1970

My Dear Jayapataka,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated 29th June and 2nd July, 1970, and noted the contents with great pleasure. In the meantime I have written two letters addressed to both you and Acyutananda in which I wanted to know if you have changed your place. In you letter dated 29th June you wrote to say, "We shall move into our apartment the next day after or tomorrow, Acyutananda Says,'' but in you letter dated 2nd July it appears that you have not gone there, so I am surprised why the delay. It is not possible to stay at the Gaudiya Math because we want to organize our preaching work in our own way which we are following here. So in the Gaudiya Math we will not get any facility except for staying, neither they will be able to accommodate more men who are intending to go to India.
About the land in Mayapur, I have already advised Acyutananda to purchase the land at all risks. He will kindly send me report of your activities at least twice weekly.
I am very glad to learn from your letter dated 2nd July that both yourself and Acyutananda went to Babu Ghat for chanting Hare Krsna. I am very glad to learn it. The same process I adopted in your country when I started my Sankirtana in Tompkins Square, New York. Krsna was so kind to send to me all these boys and girls who are helping me now. Babu Ghat is a very nice place. Similarly, in front of Babu Ghat there is the Eden Garden that is also a very nice place. After all it is not the question of the place, but it is the person who chants which is important. A sincere soul like you, so much devoted to Spiritual Master and Krsna is sure to be successful anywhere. So you adopt the same principle as we are doing here.
So far collection is concerned, if somebody offers money there is no reason to refuse it. Certainly there are many pseudo-Vaisnavas collecting money for sense gratification, but that does not mean that a pure Vaisnava will not collect.
Nama Sankirtana 47">Yes, get nama Sankirtana organized, it is very nice program. It is all encouraging. Nityananda Prabhu was doing this although He was attacked by Jagai and Madhai. In spite of His being injured by them, Lord Nityananda delivered these two brothers. That is the way of preaching. Certainly there will be thousands to follow a large Sankirtana Party, so you do like that. Regarding the Math, naturally because they are getting great name and fame by your service they will not like you to leave, but if more men go where they will live. I do not know why there is hesitation still. We must have our own place. I hope you have replied this point in my previous letter. As soon as you settle up in your own place, we shall send many magazines and books for distribution.
So your first example of service has very much satisfied me. I have all my blessings upon you. Kindly continue this program and please keep me informed at least two times in a week.
Regarding your feelings of burning impatience, these things are very explicitly explained in the Nectar of Devotion in the chapter on ecstasy. These are symptoms of ecstasy, that is not bad.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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