Letter to: Tamala Krsna

Los Angeles
12 January, 1970

My Dear Tamala,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 7, 1970 and noted the contents. The sentiments that you have expressed in your letter are all due to my Guru Maharaja who has deputed me to pick up all good souls like you in this part of the world. Fortunately, we are now together and with great enthusiasm and patience let us erect this mission of Krishna Consciousness. I am so glad to read the portion of your letter in which you show your determination to preach this cult in all countries of the world. Please continue this determination and keep all your contemporary Godbrothers alive on this point. Surely we will bring in a new chapter in the history of the world.
Now first of all, let me inform you that in the Temple you finish Deity worship by 12 o'clock noon and then the Temple should be closed for 1 hour. Then after 1 o'clock you can continue earlier program for eight hours, as suggested by you, with out any impediment. Offer foodstuffs or Bhoga continually by batches as many times as you can manage and other things alsoaratrik, kirtana and discussion may continue for eight hours from 1 to 9 p.m. I think this arrangement will be perfect.
I can understand from your letter that there is very good prospect of spreading our movement in London. I approve your scheme not to charge money for love-feast. Whatever voluntary contribution you receive, that is alright. So far items of foodstuff (Bhoga) and distribution of Prasadam are concerned, there is no need of increasing the number, better reduce it to five just like rice, dahl, capati or puri, little sweet rice and a nice vegetable, that is all. And on Sunday you can increase the items up to ten, but make everything very nicely.
I am so glad to learn that you have contacted a very good devotee, Mr. Jashapara. By Krishna's Grace you have met such a nice friend, and if he is prepared to spare his apartment in Bombay immediately we can start a Bombay center and send Jayananda along with his wife and begin work in Bombay. Acyutananda may be called to cooperate with him. In Bombay there are many Vaisnava devotees and they are great industrialists and business magnates, so if we can draw their sympathy there will be no difficulty in expanding our activities. So you can talk with him seriously and if you get this opportunity, then if need be, I can also go there for some time to collect the money.
I understand from your letter that in London we require that big house for facilities, therefore we must try for it heart and soul. I have also written in this connection to Ksirodakasayi das.
Regarding press propaganda under Syamasundara. and Gurudasa, do it very nicely. You want to see the Beatles with Syamasundara. but I have not as yet received the money offered by George. His lawyer has given him suggestion which is not very palatable. Will you try to ascertain from them what is the actual position. The best thing would be that George Harrison may simply ask his banker to assure Dai Nippon Co. about payments that the printing may be immediately taken up. The printing process will take at least 2 months. In the meantime, he can manipulate the scheme suggested by his lawyer.
It is pleasing to hear that young boys and girls are coming from different parts of European countries. I am so much enthused to know that we can open our centers in Amsterdam. Stockholm, Munich, Rome and other adjoining cities. Mr. Appa Pant, the high-commissioner of India, is already impressed with my activities. He assured me that he will render all kinds of help from the background but not as a politician. So without taking his official position, he can render service to us in various ways. So try to contact him intelligently.
The proposal of German and French BTGs to be printed in Japan is welcome, but I do not know if they will take up the work if each item is less than 20,000 copies. But it is a good suggestion. Do the needful in consultation with Brahmananda.
You wanted an urgent reply so I am sending this letter by express delivery. Here in L.A. things are going very nicely. Last night I was present in the Temple. Visnujana played a nice short drama about Kali Yuga and its entrance. It was very nice. There were about 100 guests besides our own men. Gargamuni is taking care of me very nicely. Hope this will meet you alright. Offer my blessings to Syamasundara., Mukunda and Gurudasa and the boys and girls. I am so glad to learn that Yamuna is doing very nicely. Now she may train Visakha who must have come by this time to London.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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