Letter to: Vrndavana Candra

Los Angeles
9 January, 1970
My Dear Vrndavana Candra,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated January 4, 1970 and noted the contents. The girl referred to is certainly very nice as I can understand from her letter, and she has sent me her beads for chanting and Subala has recommended to initiate her. So they are all good news. I am sending her the beads duly chanted, and her initiated name is Vidarbha Kanya. Vidarbha Kanya means the daughter of king of Vidarbha country, and she was married with Krishna. So her name is Vidarbha Kanya dasi, the servant of Vidarbha Kanya. So, I have got all approval of your marriage. Both Subala and yourself are fairly advanced in Krishna Consciousness and both of you can guide this nice girl to perfect Krishna Consciousness. And when both of you are ready, you can go somewhere suitable place and open a branch there. That is my mission. Recently, Vamanadeva, along with his wife, has gone to St. Louis and I am getting very encouraging letters. So I do not say go immediately somewhere, but keep this idea within your mind and as soon as you find opportunity, do it. Subala is very sincere servant of Lord Krishna and if you follow his example along with your wife, I am sure you will be benfitted. I beg to acknowledge receipt herewith a check for fifty dollars sent by Subala on behalf of the girl.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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