Letter to: Gurudasa

Los Angeles
13 February, 1968
My Dear Guru das,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated Feb. 8, and have noted the contents. I have received also one letter from Upendra today, and I am so glad he is released within 10 days. That was my expectation when he came to see me, that he couldn't be incarcerated for more than a week. This instance of suffering by a devotee should be carefully noted. As Upendra was in the beginning incarcerated for 3 months, it was reduced to one week; similarly, when a devotee is seen in trouble, it should be accepted as God's Mercy. Just like Upendra's suffering for 3 months was destined by the law, but by the Mercy of God the suffering is reduced to one week only. So a devotee always accepts his distress as minimized by God's Mercy, although he would have to suffer many more times the suffering. Any one who accepts this philosophy of God's Mercy in suffering conditions, and still makes progress in Krishna Consciousness, it is said that he is sure to go back to Home, Back to Godhead.
Regarding Acyutananda's letter to you: it is a fact that in Brahmacari Ashram no Grhasthas are supposed to live, but the American House which we are now contemplating has no separate department for Grhasthas or Brahmacaris. Therefore for the present we cannot make such distinction in the American House. We are just beginning the American House there and gradually we shall make departmental division later on. Your quotation from Lord Caitanya that nobody should identify as a Brahmacari, Householder, Sannyasi, is quite correct. On the Krishna platform there is no such distinction. The only reason is that on the material platform sex life is very predominant. Therefore a Brahmacari is advised not to live with Grhasthas. But if there's strong sense of Krishna Consciousness, this distinction of material world will disappear in spiritual light. Anyway, so far you are concerned, I have received letter from Acyutananda which reads as follows about yourself: "Yamuna and Gurudasa are welcomed and they may come soon so I must have your decision.'' So you can prepare yourself for going there and keeping correspondence with Acyutananda, so that as soon as the house is settled there you can go with a car.
I am keeping well. Hope you are well.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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