Letter to: Syamasundara

Los Angeles
13 August, 1969
My Dear Syamasundara.,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 5th, 1969 and have noted the contents. When I first heard that the wheels of the car collapsed it was so great a shock to me that the whole day I was sick and morose, and now after receiving this letter and your pictures I am very much enlivened. The car was on the road and the photo is taken with a multitude of people. That is your success and as a result of this collapse you have got now the sympathy of the Indian community as well as all the people of London—so much so that next year you can timely and conveniently erect three cars like that.
Regarding your recording of Nama Om and Hare Krishna, it is very, very good and everyone says that it is technically all-perfect. So your endeavor to induce the Beatles to cooperate with us is successful to a greater extent. Now when I shall go to London I shall carry with me various other recordings sung by me, and Hare Krsna-Importance 23">if these recordings can be attuned in the same technical perfection, then under my direction we can produce at least one dozen Hare Krishna recordings in varieties of tunes. I am sure people will like them very much when they are presented through Mr. George Harrison and his company. I am very glad to learn that Mr. George Harrison was playing on harmonium and guitar; Digvijaya and Gurudasa were playing karatalas; Yamuna and Malati were singing; and you were playing dilruba. Kulasekhara is so nice khole player I thought it was being played by Mukunda. Why do I not find the name of Mukunda?
I am also very glad to learn that this record is being played on some first class radio station all day, and wherever you go people congratulate you by chanting Hare Krishna. This is very encouraging. Similarly, I am encouraged that Kirtana Party led by Trivikrama is collecting $25-50 daily.
My going to Germany is not yet fixed up, but it is understood that both Mukunda and Krishna Das have sent two tickets addressed to New York. It is also understood that they have redirected the mail here, but we have not received anything till now. So as soon as I receive the tickets, arrangements for going to Germany will be fixed up. In the month of September I shall be in Germany, and the next month, if you like, you can call me to London.
So far as Maya's activities are concerned, it will go on because we are in the kingdom of Maya. Just like in the snowfall season, especially in the Western part of the world, you cannot stop falling of the snow, but for your protection you have to take all possible precautions; similarly, in the kingdom of Maya you cannot stop the onslaught of her activities. The only protective measure is Krishna Consciousness. Otherwise there is no alternative. So we have to engage ourselves always in some sort of Krishna activity, and whenever there is some attack by Maya we shall not be surprised. Rather we should immediately remember that we are in Maya's kingdom.
I think you have already got the design of the throne and the measurements also. It should be 40" x 40", and the height is 57", including the canopy. The front pillars are three on each side, and the whole throne is supported by four lion claws. I shall send you very soon a real photo of the Los Angeles throne, Jagannatha altar and Vyasasana. They have done it very nicely and perfectly. So I wish that in every center similar arrangements may be done.
Please offer my blessings to your wife and child. I hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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