Letter to: Jayagovinda

Los Angeles
18 April, 1970
My Dear Jaya Govinda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 14th instant, and I am very happy to learn how both you and your good wife are determined to be more and more dependent on Krsna. That should be your mode of life, and that will advance you to success. Always think of Krsna, always hear of Krsna and always speak of Krsna and nothing else, no idle talkings. Both your wife and yourself are Krsna Conscious so you will have good opportunity to be always engaged in Krsna Consciousness.
For the time being there is no question of going to India, but if we get a good place there and a nice branch there, then I may ask you to go there for some time, but your headquarters will always be in Germany.
Both husband and wife learn how to work on the composer machine because we have to print so many things in German language as we are doing here in English language.
Yes, when you are out of your station you can carry these Deities, but so long you are in Hamburg you will have very little time to arrange separately for worship. When a householder is not in touch with the temple, then he can have separate worship at home.
Regarding printing our literatures in Germany, in your last letter you wrote to say that you could do it there, but if there is no question of your doing it, forget it. Regarding the composing machine, yes, I have heard that Brahmananda is helping you out in this connection.
Regarding jobs for householders, there is no confusion. If your whole time is needed for Sankirtana Party there is no need of working in a Karmi firm. Actually all our devotees are supposed to be brahmanas. A brahmana's business is to preach the glories of the Lord, to learn the essence of Vedic knowledgeKrsna Consciousnessand to teach others of the same knowledge. And for living condition, whatever they get in the form of contribution from others, they can they can live barely to keep the body and soul together, and the balance spend for Krsna.
My Dear Sadanandini, I wanted you to have a very good husband, and I hope you are completely satisfied with Jaya Govinda. Krsna has given you a very good husband, so be happy in Krsna Consciousness.
Hope this will meet you both in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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