Letter to: Tamala Krsna

1 August, 1972
My dear Tamala Krishna,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 25, 1972 and with great pleasure I have noted the contents. It is of course regrettable that we are stopped for the time being from entering into Bangladesh for spreading our propaganda there. So for the time being, Bangladesh may be left aside. I am trying in a different way to help you in this respect, and I shall let you know. Meanwhile suspend trying to push something which is not possible. Now there is a very important job for you to do. I have just now understood from Gurudasa that practically no one is able to carry on the construction work at Vrindaban with good results. So many months they have been there but there is nothing tangible begun. Practically you are the best man for giving them a good start. Now the Bangladesh business is postponed, and you have trained Yasodanandana Maharaja in leading the sankirtana party, so you will be free for a few weeks to help me in this way by taking one qualified engineer from Calcutta who has agreed to work with us and live with us without consideration of remuneration and go to Vrindaban and do some solid work. Kindly do the needful immediately and let me know. Gargamuni has collected funds for Vrindaban project very nicely, so if cooperatively you and Gargamuni Maharaja work together you can do something concrete, and this will please me very much. He will supply you with funds and you supervise the building work. In the same way that you have begun everything at Mayapur, just bring along one engineer and see that he is doing everything properly. That will relieve me of so much anxiety, as I want to display something very wonderful in Vrindaban, but as yet there is nothing to show.
I am very, very much pleased to hear about the progress in Mayapur, and this working with one hundred men both day and night is the American style. If you do something wonderful at Mayapur that will be my credit and I can truly be called the guru of the Americans. But if you do not do anything there, then that will be a great discredit for me and I will not defeat my Godbrothers as I desire. So practically I am depending completely upon you in both these cases to finish up the Mayapur business in grand style and to get a good start in Vrindaban. That will be very much to your credit.
Hoping this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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