Letter to: Hamsaduta

2 September, 1970

My Dear Hamsaduta,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 23rd August as well as the German "Zuruck zur Gottheit.'' This masthead was submitted to me by Jaya Govinda and I approved of it, but I advised him to put the words "Back to Godhead'', as it is. The idea is that the original name, "Back to Godhead'', even it goes to foreign country it should continue to be the same. As you can see from other important magazines like "Life'' and "Time'' they are distributed in foreign countries is the same name without being translated into the local language. If you think that such change will be more convenient, I have no objectionsuch change means, instead of "Back to Godhead'', "Zuruck zur Gottheit.''
Regarding the poisonous effect in our Society, it is a fact and I know where from this poison tree has sprung up and how it affected practically the whole Society in a very dangerous form. But it does not matter. Prahlada Maharaja was administered poison, but it did not act. Similarly Lord Krsna and the Pandavas were administered poison and it did not act. I think in the same parampara system that the poison administered to our Society will not act if some of our students are as good as Prahlada Maharaja. I have therefore given the administrative power to the Governing Body Commission.
I have tried to give you all Krsna Consciousness, now it is your duty to develop it. If you remain strong on the spiritual platform then your progress will not be checked or blocked. I do not know what was resolved in New Vrindavan although Sriman Rupanuga Prabhu has informed others that he has sent a tape in this connection. I am still in darkness about the proceedings in New Vrndavana, but I have heard that Brahmananda is preaching about me that I am Krsna, that I am Supersoul, that I have withdrawn my mercy from the disciples, that I have left the Society and so on. I do not know how far they are correct, but I have written him a letter that he may not do something which may harm the interest of the Society. You are also one of the members of the GBC, so you can think over very deeply how to save the situation. It is a fact however that the great sinister movement is within our Society. I have not heard anything from Krsna das or Syamasundara., so all of you may try to save the Society from this dangerous position.
So far my coming here, it appears that it was Krsna's desire. There was very good reception in the Airport and the public opinion is that it was the unique reception so far given to any VIP man. Here in India, especially in Bengal, the political conditions are not very good. Everyone is feeling some sort of anxiety due to the political condition, so I have given them a sort of hope that if they take to Krsna Consciousness their problems will be solved. It is not my mental concoction, but I believe in the words of Narottama Dasa Thakura that the shelter of the Lotus Feet of Lord Nityananda is as cooling effectively as the combined moonshine of millions of moons. So I am sure anyone taking shelter of Krsna Consciousness Movement will be happy. Please try to push this Movement on this process.
Offer my blessings to Himavati. Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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