Letter to: Father Ramakrishna

12 December, 1950
Sriman Ram Krishna Dey
c/o Day Bannernut Co.
Waterloo St.-Cal.
My dear Father Ramakrishna,
My departure for Allahabad was postponed due to the failure of my proposed tenants' payment of Rs 500/-. The man promised to pay me yesterday but he said his cheque was dishonored. Today he has again promised to pay at 12 noon but I do not now count upon him. So either he pays or not pays, I must proceed to Allahabad tonight positively otherwise the whole thing will be spoiled.
Now as a helpless child looks upon his father, so I look upon you in the absence of my real father. Please therefore come in the evening, or tomorrow morning, enquire __ if I have had the balance money (Rs 500/-) before going to Allahabad and if you learn that the tenant is not __ with money, please try to send me further Rs 500/- to my Allahabad address by T.M.O. or letter T.T. and write me the news. As the son cannot repay the father, so I cannot repay the obligation I owe to you, but my sincere blessings are always upon you because you have tried to help me in a very critical time.
My life was miserable due to my family affairs and you have come to rescue me from the plight. May God help you in all respects. With my blessings, I beg to remain
Yours affectionately,
Abhay Charan De.

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