Letter to: Rupanuga

28 October, 1970

My dear Rupanuga,
Please accept my blessings. I have received your letter dated October 6th and have noted the contents carefully. Formerly I issued one circular letter requesting all GBC members who are zonal secretaries also, to give me a fortnightly report of the activities in his jurisdiction, but I am not receiving. I've received no letter since a very long time from Karandhara, and I'm very interested to know how things are going in L.A. We have a great responsibility to pay $2,000. monthly to the church trustees. In regards to my activities here, I'm trying to open many centers here in India.
I've sent the sannyasis letters requesting them to preach from different centers. I'm glad that Subala das Swami has gone to Amsterdam. Similarly the other three may go to other places. Why they are together? Sannyas means they should travel extensively, create new centers and new devoteesthat is sannyasa business. Also they can create life members.
We are making life members here in India and getting good response. The membership plan is as follows:
a) LIFE MEMBER receives all our books thus far published as well as all future publications, as well as a lifetime subscription to BTG. He is also free to visit any of our temples, take prasadam there and stay there if he likes. Price is 1111 rupees (7 1/2 rupees per dollar).
b) DONOR MEMBER receives all our literature thus far published as well as a life-time subscription to BTG. Price is 555 rupees.
c) SUBSCRIPTION MEMBER receives a lifetime subscription to BTG. Price is 222 rupees.
d) COMMON MEMBER receives a one-year subscription to BTG. Price is 33 rupees.
So this same system may be introduced in other parts.
In regards to how Swami Tirtha's name came up, and so many other things, forget all these past incidences. Let us now work with new life and new vigor. That your confidence in Subala Swami has been restored is nice. Actually they are all nice boys but maya has made them something else. In the course of time, they'll all become nice again.
I've seen Ekendra's artwork. See that he is taken care of nicely and he will become Krishna Conscious. I hope this meets you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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