Letter to: Krsnakanti

29 November, 1970

My Dear Krsnakanti,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your informative letter dated November 15th, 1970, and noted the contents. I know you are a very qualified and sincere devotee and now Krsna is offering you a nice opportunity to perform responsible devotional service as the president of our Seattle Temple. Please conduct the affairs there very nicely and with great care and Krsna will provide you all facilities for making the center even more attractive and successful.
Please see that the standard of devotional practice is kept very high by strictly observing the regulative principles and executing devotional activities with determination and enthusiasm. If the standard practices are followed then the atmosphere will naturally be joyful and enthusiastic for working cooperatively for the satisfaction of Krsna.
I have seen the pictures of your new altar and temple renovation and everything is looking gorgeous. Always be sure that the Lord is pleased and your success as His genuine servant is assured. I am glad that you have decided to give your time now fully to serving Krsna directly, but do not misunderstand the position of "outside'' jobs. Any work which is performed by a devotee in Krsna Consciousness is never work on the material platform although it may appear to be so. Such a Krsna Conscious person is never associating with the materials of mundane work or with the mundane workers, he is always associating with Krsna by devotional service whatever his position may be. Krsna is maintaining everything at all times, but those who are less intelligent do not see that everything is working by direction of the Lord and they think things are running on automatically somehow or other. That is the view of atheists and fools. Persons in Krsna Consciousness always are fixed in knowledge that the Lord is the Supreme Controller of all that be.
I am happy to hear that your campus engagements are very well received especially on the Catholic campus. That is a good sign that the students are still intelligent to find what is the best information about God and how to approach him. It is unfortunate that they are without proper guidance, but that is the condition of all persons in the world without exception. Krsna Consciousness is
I hope you are trying to place our books in the libraries and school/colleges. The program is everywhere very successful, so you please do this very thoroughly in your area and it will be a great service.
Please offer my blessings to all the Prabhus and your good wife. Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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