Letter to: Satsvarupa

25 November, 1970

My Dear Satsvarupa,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of several letters from you and I am answering the points from letters dated October 7th, fortnightly report dated October 24th, and letters dated November 2nd and 13rd.
I am very glad that you are trying with all the other GBC members to maintain all the various functions of our very large organization up to the standard as I have set for you. This is most important. So please always work cooperatively for this end. I know that there has been a great disturbance amongst the devotees caused recently, but now things are being rectified. You are right to say that the example and kindly guidance of our elder members in the Society is the most profound force for motivating our students both new and old towards advanced Krsna Consciousness. Neglect of following the regulative activities and so-called advancement on the basis of self-motivation are both offensive. One should sincerely try to bring himself to the stage of devotional service motivated by pure love of Krsna, and our personal example must set a guide for them.
You have written, and several others have written to me intimations that you are establishing a membership program in the U.S. That is very good idea. However, I have already advised Rupanuga how the Membership fees are to be fixed. Please see that this business is done consistently by all our centers, otherwise there will be a confusion. Regarding means for increasing the income of the temples, I have asked Tamala Krsna to give you some hints how to do it. I am waiting further reports on the endeavors of our Sannyasis in establishing new centers in Houston, New Orleans and Coconut Grove. I have written Brahmananda how they are to manage their own establishment program. Every Temple must work independently so far as maintenance is concerned.
I was so much anxious about Advaita and I am very much concerned lest he become further victim of maya. I am anxiously waiting for a letter from him. In the meantime, I have asked that as far as possible, all unpublished manuscripts be printed by him on ISKCON Press. I have also requested Kulasekhara to go to Boston to assist Advaita and I am confident that the tense situation will be relieved.
Yes. You have the right attitude towards disturbing comments of fellow devotees. Lord Caitanya has advised us to always remain more humble than the grasses and more tolerant than the tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige and ready to offer respects to all persons. It is not our policy to reject someone on any personal grounds. Rather it is our duty to encourage him on the common platform of devotional service to Krsna.
I have received very nice reports from all our centers how they are very much appreciating my books and they are understanding association with the Spiritual Master is the same as association with His vani or teachings. This is a transcendental fact.
I am very glad that Krsna has saved you from "financial crises''. In any case we shall not evade our natural dependency upon the Lord. Neither it can be done in any way. The materialists foolishly play that they are independent, but such false independence is vanquished at every instance by the superiority of the material nature. Devotees are never subject to such kinds of illusory thinking and its subsequent frustration because they keep themselves always engaged in their natural dependent position as sincere servants of the Lord.
Regarding book binding, if you can produce only ten hardbound books per day that will suffice for our own purposes. For large quantities of hardbound books we shall have to depend either on Dai Nippon or some outside binder. But the softcover books are very good. Simply they must be sewn. I know these paperbound books are very popular with the college set in your country, so we should encourage them to take our books in that way also. I do not know why there should be such a lack of money for ISKCON Press. Every Temple reports very good books sales, but where is the money going? Anyway, your rectification program by the GBC in the matter of right payment of bills for literatures is good. So now please bring things under the right order. I fully approve of your idea to prepare every available manuscript up to the stage of printing, even if they remain in the layout stage for a while. I may tell you that I am not so much encouraged to work on translations unless I see that the literature is being printed or at least being prepared for printing. I have done some translating recently, but it is not yet decided whether to send you the tapes or to transcribe them here and send you a copy of the manuscript. Very soon you will know about this. I will be encouraged if you keep on with the work of readying my manuscripts and printing them.
I have not heard in a long time from New York. I am confident that things are going on there alright, but still I would like to hear from you or Bhavananda report of our Temple in New York. Next time I return, I shall go first to New York. I am glad that many new centers are being opened in different places. I have had several encouraging letters from Mohanananda in Dallas and in all our centers things seem to be improving and the public reception is also improving.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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