Letter to: Bhaktajana

17 November, 1970
My Dear Bhaktajan,
Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to hear from you after a very long time. It is my pleasure that you have come to stay with us in our New York Temple. I do not think you are any more able to leave Krsna because He does not let anyone go away who has once come forward in His service.
Regarding the ointment which you are finding so useful, the formula is as follows:
Hard Paraffin (candle wax) 1/2 ounce
Soft Paraffin (Vaseline) 3 ounces
Resin (or rosin) 1 ounce
Oil of Eucalyptus 1/2 ounce
Melt the two paraffins and the crushed resin in a small pot, stir constantly. Then all melted and mixed up, add the oil of eucalyptus and stir it in. Let the mixture cool somewhat, but keep stirring or the resin will separate and harden on the bottom. Just before the mixture begins to solidify, add enough dry chlorophyll to make the ointment slightly dark greennot very much required. Stir the mixture thoroughly until it is completely cooled into an ointmentthis keeps the ingredients together properlythe mixture should not be reheated after adding the chlorophyll.
Regarding the internal sulphur preparation, I do not think that is necessary for you. It is very difficult to prepare and if made incorrectly can become harmful rather than beneficial.
I hope you are chanting your rounds regularly and always engaging in devotional service in our regular Temple program. Please ready all our literatures very carefully and chant Hare Krsna always and be happy.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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