Letter to: Karandhara

13 November, 1970

Los Angeles
My Dear Karandhara,
Please accept my blessings. I have received today your letter dated October 25th, 1970, and in the meantime I have just replied your two previous letters from September so I hope you have also received that letter. I have seen the article from Salt Lake City and also one letter has come from Mohanananda in Dallas. So things are very favorable in both these places, just you see that they go on very nicely to our set standard. I am glad that you are taking your duties of overseeing the centers in your jurisdiction very seriously, that is very much needed.
Regarding Seattle center, I know that Krsnakanti is a very nice devotee and highly intelligent and enthusiastic, so he is certainly a good man for the presidency there. I am so pleased that Srimati Jambavati devi is caring for the Deities there so well. When the Deities will be radiant, it means that the service is going on nicely. So regarding the Los Angeles Deity worship, you were carrying it out very well in my presence, so you continue in that way. Two baths daily for Their Lordships is not required, but twice dressing is nice. Your program for training everyone in the proper form of Deity worship and other temple activities is very, very good. We want that all our men shall be able to do everything in Krsna Consciousnessa devotee is expert in all things.
Please continue to send all available funds to the "Bhaktivedanta Book Fund Deposit'' as you are doing. Why have the centers not sent my maintenance checks regularly as before? So far the distribution of funds, temple management, etc. which you have mentioned, if one is sincere, the dictation how to do it rightly will come from within. It is stated that those who are engaged in the service of the Lord in pure love and devotion, to them dictation is given from within their hearts. But still you should check with me. If one is very cautious, then Krsna will give him protection. One should not become callous; he should be cautious.
Regarding initiation as mentioned in your letter addressed to Devananda Maharaja, we shall be very careful now in the selection of candidates for initiation and everything must be followed by them very strictly as we have instructed, then we shall see about initiation.
Regarding affairs of Temple management, financial distribution, etc., it is not necessary that you keep me informed of all the details. Regarding marriages, the correct way is that you should first get the marriage sanctioned by me and then perform the ceremony with my blessings.
I shall be expecting the posters and pictures soon; they will be very useful to our propaganda work.
How is it that you owe $20,000 to Dai Nippon? Are the Temples remitting the $0.15 cost per copy of BTG to ISKCON Press for each copy they receive?
Please keep me regularly informed.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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