Letter to: Gurudasa

7 November, 1970

My Dear Gurudasa,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 2nd, 1970. Perhaps you have received my letter sent to you earlier.
Please see Atma Ram & Sons book distributers on Kashmere Gate, New Delhi (Isha Kumar-proprietor). Isha Kumar as always been very respectful towards me. You can show him all our books and if he is interested, he may become the sole selling agent in India for my books and he will get a 40% discount, but he must order at least 200 copies of each book.
Instead of engaging in Sankirtana if you, husband and wife try to see so many government members and ministers and other important men, that will be nice. You may try and see Indira Gandhi. And perhaps you can meet with this president Giri shown in the enclosed news clipping. I think because your pictures are shown together with his, he will meet you.
There is an old friend of mine named D. R. Gupta on 4 University Rd. You should make arrangements to see him by telephoning him. If he is favorably impressed, he will certainly become a life member. That is what I want you to do while you are thereto try to make as many life members as you can.
You should certainly see J. Dalmia for Scindia House, New Delhi. He will become a life member and he can suggest others who may also become life members. He is a relative and very close to Ram Das Dandaria. Also you can see his big brother Ram Krishna Dalmia and make him a life member. His daughter came to London, Ascot to see me. If there is any difficulty in staying where you are, you can ask J. Dalmia to provide accommodation in Birla's dharmasala. That dharmasala is a very good place with lecture hall. You can speak in the lecture hall in English and you can advertise for members and they will appreciate it very much.
I've received a letter from Bali Mardan and he is very eager to carry on with his GBC activities. So he will not be resigning from his post and will continue in his position.
Also I've received some other letters and things in London are not as they should be. It seems that Murari has now become president of London temple. This is all right for a while but you will have to go back to the London temple. London temple is one of the most important centers in our society and it should not suffer for lack of good management. Under you and your wife's good care, things have gone very nicely there. So I want you and Yamuna to both be prepared to go back to London in the near future. You have come all the way to India, so for the time being you should remain here and see what can be done in Delhi.
I just received one letter from Radha Madhava Sharan and he has informed me that a big temple and compound belonging to the Maharaja of Bharatapur on the bank of the Yamuna at Kesighat is for sale. Therefore I would like you to go immediately to see Radha Madhava Sharan in Vrindaban (Address: 2/157, Radha Raman; Vrindaban; U.P.). You can go and see the sight and find out exactly from him the terms of negotiation of purchasing the temple and property. When you have understood the terms, you can go to Bharatapur along with Radha Madhava Sharan, taking him at our expense, and find out the exact person with whom the negotiations should be finalized. If everything is in order and the property can be purchased, then remain in Bharatapur. If the transaction is to be done there, you stay in Bharatapur and telegram me immediately. I will come myself and complete the purchase. We would like to get this temple and land at all costs, as it is very nicely situated on the Yamuna River. I know of this temple. I used to live next to it before living in the Radha-Damodara temple. It is a very palatial building. The remainder of your party, including your wife, may remain in Delhi under the leadership of Giriraja Das Brahmacari and see the men whom I've mentioned above.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
P.S. My dear Yamuna, please accept my blessings. Practically you are the leader of the party. Please let me know how things are going. Hope you are all well. ACB

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