Letter to: Gargamuni

4 November, 1970

Coconut Grove, Florida
My Dear Gargamuni Maharaja,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Oct. 15th, 1970 from Coconut Grove, Florida.
You have rightly appreciated my real mission, that whatever I have learned from Guru Maharaja I want to present to the English speaking public. Therefore I've tried to present these Vedic literatures in such a way that the common man will be able to appreciate and understand them. Both you and your brother have always helped me in this mission. Now continue to help me in that way.
Why are you asking for more men to help you in Florida? As I created, so you must create others; that is Parampara. You are already three; why do you need any more? And you are big three. You just try sincerely in your work and Krishna will bless you. You have written to say that a Krishna Consciousness temple can be established in any place without any material qualification and that is a fact! Wherever Hare Krishna Mantra is chanted, some words are spoken from one of our books, and prasadam is distributed, that is considered a temple. We have no need of any large buildings or palaces. We are simple. Our great acaryas in the past like the six Goswamis of Vrndavana accepted dwellings under the trees. So we do not require any large buildings to do our preaching work. But if Krishna supplies them, we may also accept any nice facility which He provides, but we will strive to go on preaching under all circumstances. If it is not possible for you to collect large money for me, then don't strain your brain; just go on preaching as you are doing. Yes, you are right, the supply of money will come by your preaching efforts. You can approach rich men and preach to them about our movement and its aims. You have got much money in your country so there should be no difficulty in doing this. I think you and Visnujana Swami should remain and open as many temples as you can, especially in Florida. I have asked Brahmananda Swami to join me because I think he is feeling in too much despair, so as soon as he is able, He can join me. In writing this letter to you, I think I have answered Visnujana Swami's points that he has written in his letter.
I hope you all three are feeling very well.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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