Port Suez
Suez Canal & Port Said
We started from Port Said today at about 1 p.m. The Port Said city is nice. It has long narrow neat and clean roads with lofty buildings. The city is not at all congested. While passing the rear point of Suez towards Mediterranean sea, the city is clearly seen. But it is a small city with some industrial factories. Although in the desert in the city all varieties of vegetables available. There is also a Marine drive like Bombay Chowpatty beach. I could see a good park in the city.
There was a rehearsal for emergency. We all prepared with belt on the body and the life boat was tested whether they were in order. There were two boats with capacity to load 120 persons. But we were all about fifty five on the board.
In the evening the sky was cloudy and they expected foggy weather and all of them became little gloomy. But at midnight we passed Malta Sicily by God's grace it was all right throughout the night.
Today I have taken khichri and kari. It was tasteful. and I took them with relish and this gave me a push forward to get renewed strength little by little.
Today Baraha Dwadashi observed
The best atmospheric condition on the Mediterranean sea. All along we have seen the Algerian coast.
Today at about 8 o'clock in the morning and near about Gibraltar we had a first experience of fog impediment. It was all dark round the ship and she stopped moving completely She was whistling now and then to protect herself from other unseen ships being collided with. We started at about 11 again.
8/9/65 at about 2/30 p.m. we passed over Gibraltar Port ending at Tarita(?) Light House. The other side is Spanish Morocco There is regular ferry steamer service. The srt.(?) is wide about seven miles across. We are in the Atlantic.
Till 4 o'clock afternoon we have crossed over the Atlantic Ocean for twenty four hours. The whole day was clear and almost smooth. I am taking my food regularly and got some strength to struggle. There is slight lurching(?) of the ship and I am feeling slight headache also. But I am struggling and the nectarine of life is Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita the source of my all vitality.
Today the ship is plying very smoothly. I feel today better. But I am feeling separation from Sri Vrindaban and my Lords Sri Govinda, Gopinath, Radha Damodar. The only solace is Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita in which I am tasting the nectarine of Lord Chaitanya's Leela. I have left Bharat Bhumi just to execute the order of Sri Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati in pursuance of Lord Chaitanya's order. I have no qualification, but I have taken up the risk just to carry out the order of His Divine Grace. I depend fully on Their mercy so far away from Vrindaban.
Today the ship ran on very smoothly. The sky was clear and there was sunshine all the day. At about 7/30 in the morning we passed on the Azore group islands under the Portugal Republic. There was again rehearsal for life boat saving at 4/30 p.m. There was rehearsal of the fire brigadiers also. At night there was profuse moonlight on the ocean and considerable lurching also. But did not affect me very much as it used to do in the Arabian sea. The Atlantic Ocean is more kind to me than all other seas so far we have crossed over. It is all Lord Krishna's Grace.
S. R. Day. Today there is a great deal of lurching although the sky is clear. Mrs. Pandiya although a little lady but very intelligent and learned also. She has foretold about my future. Thanks to her prediction. All blessings of Lord Krishna for her. The crisis which I suppose to have crossed is also mentioned by her. If I have crossed the crisis, then that is Good Will of Lord Krishna my friend and philosopher. In the evening there was too much lurching and I felt a bit sea-sickness. I could not take my food properly. A little sweets were accepted with some relish. The lurching continued till midnight.
Today is the 32nd day of our journey from Calcutta. After midnight yesterday the lurching decreased and I felt relief. In the morning also I could not take my breakfast properly. Then I cooked 'Bati-chachari(?).' It appeared to be delicious and I was able to take some food. Today I have disclosed my mind to my companion Lord Sri Krishna. There is a Bengali poem made by me today in this connection. At about eleven there is a little lurching. The captain tells that they had never such calmness of the Atlantic. I said it is Lord Krishna's mercy. His wife asked me to come back again with them so that they may have again a calm Atlantic Ocean. If Atlantic would have shown its usual face perhaps I would have died. But Lord Krishna has taken charge of the ship.
Today is the 33rd day of our journey and at 3 o'clock in the morning I saw the sky cloudy with dim moon-light. From morning till 1 o'clock the sky remained cloudy and at 1/30 p.m. there was a shower of rain. The sky is still cloudy and the wind is blowing from south-east corner and raining at intervals. The whole day passed in that way and the wind assumed a para-cyclonic face with dense cloud resulting in rain till 9/30 p.m. with regular lightening etc. At ten o'clock when I was talking in the captain's room the chief engineer Mr. Travers told me that he had never such experience of calm & quietness of the Atlantic Ocean. There was always typhoon, cyclone, fog, etc. at least for days in every trip in the past(?). I said it is Lord Krishna's Grace. If such things as usual in Atlantic would have taken place, I would die.
Today 34th day of our journey As usual I rise up at 3 a.m. and when I went to veranda I saw the sky almost clear. There was moon-shine on head(?) and although the wind from south-east was strong, the ocean was clear visioned and the ship was passing smoothly. At about 11 a.m. the sky again became over cast with cloud and it is continued till 3 p.m. There was rainfalls at intervals but after 4 o'clock the sky became clear and there was bright sunshine. I was engaged in reading Kaliya Daman Leela from Srimad Bhagwatam specially the prayers by Srimati Naga Patnis and the last appealing prayer by Kaliya.

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