Car Conversation

February 5, 1977, Calcutta
Jayapataka: ...and you do little work and get more money. You can buy radio and tape recorder. And working in the field, that is not noble.
Prabhupada: Just see how foolish leaders. In the field there is food. They will not work for the food. [break]
Jayapataka: ...get a big staff after publishing our monthly magazine for some time. And I'm thinking we can... If there's... Like that editor of the Basumati, if they join us and help, we can bring a daily paper, and then these can be some of our...
Prabhupada: If somebody came to see me, some editor...?
Jayapataka: Yes. He wanted to... [break] ...the train station to catch the trains.
Prabhupada: Going to Calcutta?
Jayapataka: Most likely Calcutta and then different factories and workers. That Hitagar and Chamnagar and all those places.
Devotee: Calcutta. (end)

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